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5 Ways Tutorly Helps You To Get Connected Virtually With Learners

Do you want to shift your normal eLearning to innovative?

Staying connected with the learners is the problem for many trainers and educators.

Tutorly is an innovative life shifter of eLearning professionals that solves problems in new and interesting ways.

In this article, we will discuss how Tutorly helps you to get connected with the learners.

Tutorly is a WordPress Marketplace Theme for Tutors. It is specifically designed as a complete Booking platform for starting your own eLearning business. The theme uses the right blend of meeting scheduling tools to solve all sorts of challenges using ideas we’ve never seen before. Here are some of the ways Tutorly helps you to stay social and connected with the learners.

5 Ways Tutorly Helps You To Get Connected

Show Your Availability To Connect 

Many educators and trainers occasionally run into issues. Sometimes your schedule shows you’re unavailable at a certain date and/or time when you’re actually free. However, you can almost always fix it yourself from the booking calendar. Dynamic calendar showing various slots of Instructors. Automatically adapts to the current time zone of the learners. Supports service filters and display of slots based on week, or day. Use high-visibility spaces to share your scheduling link to attract high-interested learners.

Remote Learning For Collaboration

Why should learners access your training only in the classroom? Remote learning is a way to keep delivering your training to the learners and keep them motivated for learning. Many educators and trainers are using Tutorly to schedule their remote training classes while crossing the boundary limits. Everyone can sign up for their own time slot and there was an automatic buffer before the next sign-up time.

Virtual Classroom And Appointments

One challenge that many educators and teachers were facing was to connect with the learners from home when the whole world was affected by COVID-19. Tutorly offers unlimited access to stay connected with learners through scheduling meetings and appointments on video conferencing. With these combined tools, educators are working to set up virtual classrooms for 1:1 lessons.

Host Webinar To Stay Connected

The eLearning sector is getting challenged in a new way with the adaptation of new technologies. Adaptation of technologies and  scheduling regular check-ins with learners encourage activity and recreation. Educators, teachers, and trainers are using Tutorly to schedule live webinars where students can join training courses virtually and collaborate with other learners. They can also receive one-on-one training.

Social Networking Keeps You Connected

Built on a Social network. Tutorly has some amazing features like Internal messaging and notification system. All popular social logins are supported including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and more without any external plugin required. You can easily make Friends, Groups, Followers, Member directories, and allow activity tracking of the learners.


Staying connected with the learners is the goal to be a successful online educator. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool for scheduling eLearning or online training on-site or virtual appointments, meetings & events, manage staff and services, accept payments, send reminders and pay commissions then Tutorly is full stop for you.

Turn Your Salon Business Online With Appointment Scheduling Software

Today, people are striving for healthy and standard lifestyles.

This increases the demand for services that can help relieve stress i.e. beauty and salon services.

If you have a salon, spa, or beauty business then turn your business online to grow more and streamline business activities.

In this article, we will discuss how you can turn your salon business online with salon management software.  

Salon Business With Appointment Scheduling

In today’s world of technology, almost all our work has been automated with mobile apps for everything. Why would your customer struggle to rely on manual booking for their appointment with you? Salon appointments can be difficult to schedule as it  requires a lot of time and effort through phone calls or manuals. 

Now, the wait is over to turn your salon business online with an online appointment scheduling software that requires less investment. Build an online salon booking system that helps people book appointments whenever they want without physically visiting your salon. This will save time for your customers as well as yours while removing all the difficulties and anxiety in managing them.

Why To Turn Your Salon Business Online

An online salon booking system allows businesses to streamline the appointment booking processes. This makes it easy for the customers to book an appointment without making phone calls and searching for the best salon services. Online booking system provides freedom to the customers to fix an appointment while choosing their preferences for available date and time.

Online appointment systems digitise your business as well as attract the attention of existing and new customers. Thus, you can save a lot of time and energy by avoiding tasks like- manually handling appointments, reports, and billing.

Easy Appointment Management

An appointment scheduling software easily manages all your bookings and removes the load of managing your bookings. As an admin, you can easily view, update, manage past, and upcoming appointments. It provides easy client management where you can view, add, and delete users while on the other hand you can also manage your service records.

Calendar Integration

Online appointment software allows you to integrate your bookings and appointments with online calendars like- Google calendar, iCalendar, etc. This allows you and customers to view their upcoming appointments right from the calendar. This reduces the chances of missing an booked appointment. Be sure to incorporate an integrated calendar to schedule appointments so that your customers can easily open the app, check reservations that are linked with your in-house calendar.

In-App Payment System

Turning your business online is not a big deal but how you convert your customers into leads matters the most. This can be achieved when a customer pays you right after confirming the booking or appointment. Online appointment scheduling software allows you to collect the fees as it comes with an integrated payment gateway. In-app payment system allows you to collect payments from your customers.

Push Notifications

Many customers easily forget the things so that there are chances that they might forget the scheduled appointments. Push notification allows you to send automated notifications to the customers so that they never miss the scheduled appointment. You can send them notification of latest offers, services, updates, and other activities. This is the most effective way to remind them about their scheduled meetings and appointments.


Today, beauty and salon service providers are the on-demand niche that are growing rapidly opting appointment scheduling software. WPAppointment scheduling software turns your salon business online instantly with zero coding. Set up online appointments for your beauty and salon business and be ready to outshine the business.

Schedule Meetings And Appointments With WpAppointify In Few Clicks

Do you want to manage your business with appointment scheduling software?

An appointment scheduling software allows your prospects and customers to schedule appointments on your published calendars. WpAppointify scheduling software manages and helps you in easy scheduling of bookings, meetings, and appointments.

In this article, we will come across how appointment scheduling software helps you in scheduling and managing your appointments and meetings.

Customise And Share The Appointment Page

If you want to attract the attention of the customers with your customized page then WPAppointment scheduling software never lets you down. It allows you to customize the appointment page according to your desire and feel of your meeting page to your needs with CSS files. Share your page with the customers including all the meeting details and build your connections. You can also share appointment links with your contacts personally or embed them on your website and social media channels to accept appointments.

Auto Form Fill Up

As the technologies are changing to a faster pace of the world. The way of scheduling appointments and bookings has changed a lot. Now, customers don’t want to fill the form with several blocks of information. WPAppointment scheduling software has an intelligent system that uses the system cache memory of the system to provide the all necessary information to fill the form. 

Show When You Are Available

If you always face the problem of “double-booking” then WPAppointment scheduling software is going to solve this problem permanently. Now, avoid back-and-forth emails by creating appointment pages for your contacts to schedule meetings and integrate scheduling software with your calendar. Set up slots, buffer times between sessions, and get available for the customers. This stops the risk of double-booking and makes your future appointment booking easier.

Reduce No-Shows With Email Reminders

Do your booked appointments or meetings go blank? If yes, then WPAppointment is the right solution. It allows you to send email notifications to the customers when they schedule a meeting or appointment. It automatically sends them reminders via emails so that they never miss their appointment. However, you can also schedule or send them reminder notifications so that you never dial into an empty meeting.

Easily Manage Appointments And Meetings

Stay updated with your booking calendar so that you can never go out of meetings. Customers can easily choose the available booking slot and date. Appointment schedules show up on your calendar. With easy and effortless rescheduling and cancellation, you can easily reschedule and cancel a booked meeting by sending confirmation emails and text messages to the customers.


Setting up an appointment scheduling software for your business is now easy with WPAppointify. Integrate it easily with your business website and start receiving online bookings. It easily manages all your bookings, sends confirmation and reminder emails, builds a list of your regular customer, and maintains your calendar.  

5 Must-Have Features Of Appointment Scheduling Software

Do you want to reduce the load of managing your appointments and meetings?

An appointment scheduling software helps in easy scheduling of appointments and meetings directly from their website. 

It allows you to create multiple calendars with distinct time slots, and set the number of seats for each event.

In this article, we will learn the five key features of an appointment scheduling software for your WordPress site. 

Scheduling Software For Your Online Appointment

Scheduling manual appointments and meetings with the clients is a time-consuming and complex task. It requires a lot of planning and management to fix meetings with the clients. Managing lots of clients and keeping a record of their appointment and confirming the clients makes your workplace hard to function.

Integrating an appointment scheduling software to your website increases the workplace efficiency and that’s what every company wants. It automates all your appointments and meetings and reduces the load of managing all your appointments. Thus, appointment scheduling software saves time, money, and removes the risk of human error from scheduling.

If you are planning to integrate a new scheduling software for your online meetings and plugins then make sure it has five key features so you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

Mobile Optimized Scheduling Software

Modern business requires modern scheduling software. In today’s mobile generation world, allows your customers or clients to book an appointment using the mobile device. Integrating an appointment scheduling software which has responsive design and mobile optimized platform helps your client to book online meetings and appointments right from the smartphone. Make sure your booking form automatically adjusts to the screen’s size and continues to function as needed.

Easy To Reschedule, Change, And Update

Many of the users don't want to book an online appointment earlier because they think that they can’t change the date and time slot of their meetings or appointments. A right scheduling software makes it easy for the users to reschedule, change, and update the booked meeting or appointment. Whenever a user makes changes to their booked meeting it automatically notifies the owner and sends confirmation to the users.

Integration With Online Calendars

If you want your appointment scheduling software to keep updated with the regular dates as well as manage your calendars then look for the scheduling software that can be easily integrated with the online calendars like- Google calendar, Apple calendar, and many more. Integrating scheduling software with the online calendars improves your business efficiency and limits the risk of double-booking at the same date.

Push Notification And Reminders

Does your booked meeting or appointment remain unattended by the clients? This generally happens when your client forgets that he/she had scheduled an appointment or meeting with you. With the help of appointment scheduling software, you can easily send notifications and reminders to the clients so that they can’t miss an appointment scheduled with you. It helps you in sending confirmation of bookings and reminding the clients about their scheduled meetings.


Online appointment scheduling software is gaining popularity due to their easy scheduling process and availability for the customers to book meetings and appointments anytime and from anywhere. We at WPAppointment provide you with an appointment scheduling software that integrates with your WordPress websites and automates your online bookings. 

Grow Your Business With Online Appointment/Booking Plugin

Do you want to make your business successful?

Do you want to convert your online visitors into leads?

Almost every business always looks for the solutions to these two questions and here we will help you to do so.

An appointment or booking plugin is the answer to all your questions. 

An appointment plugin engages the site visitors with easy-to-book appointments for your services.

In this article, we will discuss how an appointment or booking plugin grows for your business and convert your visitors into leads.

Appointment/Booking Plugin For Your Business

Gone are the days when businesses forced their customers by calling them on the phone, contacting them by email, and waiting for a response. If you still rely on these conditions then you can never make your business big. In today’s digital age, everyone wants convenience to contact businesses and that’s why an appointment or booking plugin is essential for your business.

An appointment or booking plugin plays an integral part in growing your business by scheduling an appointment or booking a meeting. It streamlines the appointment creation on the front end and back end of your site to generate leads, revenue, and customer loyalty. The plugin optimizes your appointment scheduling process and makes the booking process easier for site visitors.

Customizable Appointment Booking System

A customizable appointment booking system is great for attracting and engaging site visitors. Using a customizable appointment booking form simplifies the process and eliminates the problems of the visitors that occur during the manual process. Providing customized forms and sending them a personalized confirmation of the booking enriches the customer experience as well as converts them into leads.

Easy Calendar View

An appointment booking plugin helps visitors to book an appointment through an easy calendar view. It provides the ability for clients to self-book an appointment or meeting based on their availability. Having multiple types of views of the calendar bookings based on month, week, and day shows your availability easily. This way you allow visitors to book their meetings at their convenience.

Rescheduling And Automatic Reminders

Rescheduling is an important feature to deal with clients who want to change their booked meeting or appointment. An appointment plugin easily reschedules their appointments and manages your schedule. After successful rescheduling, sending automatic Email or SMS to your clients is a way to keep them reminded about their meetings or appointments. Thus, rescheduling along with automatic reminders reduces the chance of cancellation of meetings.

Sync With Your Calendar

An appointment plugin manages all your booking and meetings. Integrate your mobile/desktop calendar with the appointment plugin so that you can never mess with your booking or appointment. You can also sync your meetings and appointments with calendar tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.

Integrated Payments Options

An appointment booking software with an integrated payment option reduces the chances of cancellation of meetings. Visitors can make payments when they successfully book their appointment with you. This way you can collect your fees and provide the service. Getting the customer to pre-pay for meetings/appointments is a great way to reduce no-shows for your business.


Integrating an appointment or booking plugin to your site helps you in converting your visitors into leads. With so many features, an appointment plugin helps you in growing your business by simplifying the booking process. If your business relies on meetings and appointments then integrating an appointment plugin can make your business more simplified.

How Appointment Plugin Makes Your Online Bookings Quick And Easy

Appointment Plugin

Do you have businesses that require meetings or appointments?

Do you run a multi-shop business in different locations and struggle to manage your business and employees?

An appointment plugin makes it easy to manage services and bookings for the different locations.

In this article, we will discuss how an appointment plugin manages your business and makes it easy.

Appointment Plugin For Quick And Easy Bookings

What do you need to look for in an appointment and booking plugin? Depending on your type of business, there are select key functions that you’d want to have available like- user-friendly interface, easy-to-book, and other options like- cancel and modify the bookings. An appointment plugin adds a little more to your online bookings. 

Do you have businesses like- dentists, restaurants, spas, and so on that require customers or clients to book an appointment prior to their visit. An online appointment plugin is convenient for your customers as the entire appointment booking procedure gets completely automated.

Let’s see how it makes your bookings and appointments quick and easy for your business.

Add & Customize Your Bookings

Now, create your online booking and appointment form easily. With an appointment plugin, you can easily add frames and customizable booking forms for the users. It allows you to add customizable booking forms and different time slot booking for numerous services. You can easily update the service capacity and allow customers to bring people with them.

Step-By-Step Booking Wizard For Clients

Booking an online appointment or meeting is a straightforward step-by-step process with an appointment plugin. Now, users can make an appointment for the service with a staff member, then a date and submit a booking directly on your site without leaving the web page. However, users can see available slots and book them right away from any device.

Mobile-Optimized User Interface 

Today, most of the clients or users use mobile devices or smartphones to access their browsing. Even for booking an appointment they use their smartphones. Therefore, your online appointment plugin should be mobile-optimized to book online meetings and appointments instantly. Therefore, a mobile-optimized plugin delivers truly user-friendly and quick experiences to the users on any device.

Manage All Your Bookings On The Backend

The hassle of managing all your appointments and meetings is removed by the appointment plugin. Now, centralize all WordPress appointments and meetings in your dashboard where you can view and manage all incoming bookings with the details like- total cost, booked services, client location, date, time, etc. You can change the status of the booked meetings and send updates to the clients.

Manage Your Employees

Appointment not only helps you in scheduling online appointments and meetings but also helps you in managing your employees. It allows you to create an employee database like- skills of your employees, different services, and easily schedule meetings with the clients according to their skills or specialization. Сustomize the service pricing and duration depending on your employees and assign numerous services. 


Appointment plugins automate your online bookings and meetings. It helps the customers in easy scheduling and bookings of meetings. If you are looking for the best booking solution for your business then contact us today. We at WP Appointify make your online appointments and bookings easier. 

Why Appointment Scheduling Software Is Essential For Doctors

Doctors are real-life superheroes and we salute them for their dedication toward service.

Today, patients need immediate medical attention so the doctors need to make their services accessible to everyone.

An online Appointment Scheduling software for doctors helps in managing the crowd of patients through online appointments.

In this article, we at WPAppointments will discuss how an appointment scheduling software manages your patients and automates the process of appointments and meetings.

Appointment Scheduling Software For Doctors

There are different challenges for the doctors who are dedicated to their services. They couldn’t manage their time and calendar due to their hectic schedule and this can lead to the improper management of the patients. Sometimes, this can lead to long patient waiting time and not giving proper attention to the patients they deserve.

All these issues or challenges arise due to improper appointment and management of the patients. Hence, scheduling appointments and meeting through the online appointment software can resolve this by effectively managing your time while providing convenience to users.

An appointment scheduling software solutions are designed to keep your appointments, events, and meetings organized as well as manage your upcoming appointments and take care of future reservations.

Self-Scheduling Appointment For The Patients

Gone are the days when you have to spend about 10 minutes over a phone call to book an appointment with the patients. With online appointment scheduling software, patients can easily book an appointment for the available time and date by filling up their personal details on your personal booking page on the website. Thus, it offers real-time appointment scheduling from anywhere and anytime.

Avoid Multiple Bookings

An online appointment scheduling software removes the load of managing your all bookings and appointments with the patients. It ensures that only one user can make a booking at a selected date and time. However, if a user cancels his/her booking then the scheduling software fills the gaps by rescheduling the next meeting and also sends a notification to the patient. This way your meeting time is being organized and no two meetings or multiple booking is done by the patients.

Schedule Repeat Appointment With Patients

Scheduling a repeat appointment with the patients is now made easy with an appointment scheduling software. You can keep track of your patients who visit more than once and easily schedule repeat appointments with them. As an admin, you have the access to online patient management and can easily reschedule appointments with the patients.

Send Appointment Notification To The Patients

With appointment scheduling software, whenever a user successfully books an appointment with you then it automatically sends a push notification via email and SMS to their registered number and email id. This feature also allows you to send automated notifications to those patients who haven't come for their regular check-ups. Thus, automated reminders & messages help you to keep patients updated with their appointments and generate revenue.

Features Of WPAppointment Scheduling Software

  • Easily integrate with your WordPress website.
  • Cross-platform compatibility and easily accessible on mobile devices.
  • Friendly user-interface.
  • 24/7 chat support.
  • PayPal Integration
  • Video meeting apps integration like- Zoom, BBB, etc.


Appointment scheduling software offers advancement to the doctors and hospitals to manage their patients efficiently. Integrate appointment scheduling software and automate appointment bookings process, manage your patients, and build relationships with them. WPAppointment plugin increases your efficiency in order to keep processes smooth-sailing.

How To Generate More Revenue From Your Live Streaming

WPAppointify Appointment

Are you generating revenue from your live streaming session?

Do you engage your audience through live streaming sessions?

If yes, then you can generate more revenue from your live streaming session.

Live streaming is the best way to interact with your audience, grow your brand as well as increase your revenue.

In this article, we will discuss some of the methods that you can use to monetize your live streaming session.

Run Advertisements In Your Live Streaming

Advertisement is the major source of income for the many tech giants. You can also use the same method of placing advertisements in your live streaming session. You can run pre-roll, mid-roll, or in-stream ads while going through your live streaming session to generate revenue. Platforms like- YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc. allows you to generate revenue by running ads during the live stream which is derived from the total number of clicks or views and the payout depends a lot on how many people watch your ads.

Subscription/Pay-Per-View Live Streaming

The subscription or pay-per-view method of monetization allows audiences to access your live streaming session by paying a certain amount before the session. If you are an expert in your niche and the audience wants to attend your live session then a pay-per-view or subscription model will be a good choice to generate revenue. Audiences will pay to attend your live session if you are delivering unique and quality content to your viewers. You can also bind your audiences through monthly or yearly subscription plans to generate more revenue.

Sell Your Product/Service

Live streaming can be also used to skyrocket your business or increase the sales of products/services through promotion and engagement of the audiences. Adding a live streaming session to promote your business can increase consumer engagement and conversions rate. Thus, you can grow your audiences as well as generate more revenue by promoting and selling your products.

Brand Sponsorship/Collaboration

When you are able to engage and attract an audience through your live session and your popularity is increasing day-by-day then you can collaborate with a brand or take their sponsorship to generate a regular revenue. Promoting a good brand over your live session increases your value and adds more revenue. Sponsorship or collaboration depends on the policy of the company so be sure to check all the criteria before collaboration/sponsorship.

Generate Revenue Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good method if you are looking to generate a good amount of money through your live streaming. Besides promoting your niche, you can create partnerships with a franchise or product owner to get a commission on every sale. All you have to do is to introduce the product to the audience and share the product link with your viewers while on live. Whenever someone visits the link and buys the product, you will get a percentage of sales. Thus, through affiliate marketing, you can generate a good amount of revenue.


I hope this article will help you in generating more revenue from your live streaming session. We at VideoEncrypt provide an integrated live streaming platform for you. If you are looking to create your own platform for the live streaming session then contact us or comment below to get in touch.

How Booking/Appointment Calendar Convert Your Visitors Into Leads

Appointment Plugin

Do you want to convert your visitors into leads?

Are you still requesting information or a form fill-up process from the visitors when they land on-site?

Integrating booking/appointment plugins act as a tool to increase the conversion rate of the visitors and leads to increased revenue and profits.

In this article, we will discuss how an appointment/booking calendar increases the conversion rate and makes your business profitable.

Appointment Plugin

How Does Booking/Appointment Calendar Works?

Almost every sales professional dream that their visitor can book an appointment or can directly purchase the product when they visit their website. If your business requires scheduling or meeting with the audiences then providing ease of booking to the audience should be your priority.

A booking calendar easily attracts the visitor’s attention whether they are viewing your company website, reading through a landing page for one of your products or services. Integrating appointment scheduling allows you to engage directly with potential buyers across many digital platforms, offering them the option to book appointments, schedule meetings, or consultation quickly right from the landing page.

How Booking Calendar Converts Visitors Into Leads

Having a regular or traditional contact form that requires manual information of the visitors to fulfill the form raises millions of questions in the mind of the visitors. Even after filling the form, visitors don't feel satisfied. This is because many sites collect information and don’t even respond back.

Booking/appointment calendar helps them to choose the desired meeting date, time, and reason, etc. and send them a confirmation notification so that they feel confident about the meeting from your side. Even if the visitor visits your landing page, the appointment calendar easily offers them a moment of your time and makes your visitors feel like you care for them, and turns them into lifelong leads/clients. So, instead of the contact form, add a booking/appointment calendar to your online business for scheduling meetings and appointments.

How to Add Booking Calendar To Your Site

To instantly add a booking calendar to your WordPress site, choose a plugin like-WPAppointments that satisfies your needs. After that, you’ll need to install and activate the plugin to schedule appointments and meetings. After successfully installing and activating the plugin go to “Appointments” on your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

If you have a Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, or the WordPress Block Editor then it is even easier to schedule an appointment from the audiences as it makes the booking form even more engaging and interesting for the visitors.

Integrating WPAppointmentify Plugins allows you to perform several functionalities and converts your visitors into leads.

  • Shows available time and date for meetings.
  • Send custom reminders and notifications to the clients.
  • Clients can send you custom messages or necessary discussion messages.
  • Sync with Google Calendar to manage your bookings.
  • Accept online payments for meetings using Paypal and many more.


Now, it’s time to replace your regular contact form with a booking calendar. A booking calendar is a great way to offer a moment of your time for your site visitors and convert them into lifelong clients. With the WPAppointments booking plugin, you can create personalized booking forms to engage your visitors.

Why Online Appointment Plugin Is Important For Your Business Growth?

Are you losing your valuable customers because you missed in important call ? Even today, most businesses are still hooked to the traditional phone booking system.But, in this digital age, the modern generation prefers booking online rather than waiting for confirmation over calls. 

In this article, we will discuss why an online meeting/appointment plugin attracts audiences and grows your business.

Why Meeting/Appointment Plugin Is Essential

If your business depends on appointments and bookings, then you can’t deny the importance of appointment plugins for the scheduling of meetings and appointments of your customers. An online meeting or appointment plugin acts like scheduling software that provides complete accessibility in online booking, manages your meeting and appointments calendar, and keeps it running smoothly without any hassles.

Leveraging the online scheduling software for your meetings and appointments, this plugin acts as a lubricant for your booking system that easily schedules your customers and never keeps them on hold. It allows your client to make bookings according to their convenient time.

How Appointment Plugins Grow Your Business

Attract And Engage The Audiences

If you are able to attract the attention of the audiences and engage them in making a successful appointment or meeting then they are likely to be your lead. Appointment plugins allow audiences to make appointments right from your website while considering their available time. This helps the audiences to engage while making appointments without losing interest, develops a relationship with your customers, and saves their time. A user can easily make last-minute appointments or cancellation online without waiting for any confirmation.

Reduces The Communication Gap 

The meeting /appointment plugin reduces the communication gap between you and your customers. It offers a simple integration that allows you to reach your clients without leaving your website. It shows the available meeting date and time to avoid miscommunication from your workers or staff. Whenever a user schedules their appointments with you then it keeps a track of your meetings and appointments and notifies them for the confirmation. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If your co-workers or staff spend most of the time handling phone calls, explaining schedules to your customers, and making your customers wait for the appointment then an appointment plugin is a must-have for your business. Appointment and meeting plugins build your brand loyalty and help in establishing a connection with them. When your customers feel comfortable while making an appointment and get confirmation notification then it increases their satisfaction rate and builds trust with you. 

Generate More Leads

Online scheduling software easily converts your customers into leads. With the convenience of accessing and completing the appointment process with the “Book Now” button, anyone can easily make an appointment without leaving the website. This way it easily converts them into leads while benefiting your business.

Get Valuable Insight To Your Business 

Online meeting and appointment plugins offer valuable insight to your business by keeping a track of appointments. It increases your operational efficiency and helps you in making better decisions while going through the meetings. It provides you complete control of your schedule and provides centralized information of your customer’s records. This way you can also keep a record of valuable customers and can measure the performance of your business.


Online meeting/appointment plugins are gaining popularity with their easy scheduling process and availability for customers to book at any time. It automates the process of making an appointment for the customers and manges your online bookings. We at WPAppointify provide you with a flexible and customizable appointment/meeting plugin that simply integrates with your WordPress websites.