Appointments and Booking solutions for WordPress

Top 5 Meeting Solutions


Meeting solutions in the contemporary corporate world have become a prominent tool for keeping the team’s interaction and enhancing the level of connectivity. No doubt, various meeting solutions have been able to minimize the gap between real and virtual. In order to determine which is the best meeting solution for you that is ruling over […]

Apple Calendar vs Google Calendar. Which is Better!


When it comes to personal organization, the first app which comes into mind is a calendar app. After all, calendars are a very efficient way to manage your time during the day or entire weeks. There are two popular options available Apple and Google Calendar.  Which calendar to chose, Apple’s design vs Google versatility? Apple […]

Five Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins


In order to know which is the best appointment booking plugins for WordPress have a look at the table below which shows the comparison of different WordPress plugin on the basis of different features that they possess. Main Features Start Booking Birch             Press  Booking Calendar Bookly Simple Booking Calendar […]

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