About US

Welcome to WPAppointify, [Appointify] the appointments and booking solution for WordPress. We are dedicated to provide the best booking and appointments solution on WordPress with a Calendar first approach.

Founded in 2022 by VibeThemes, WP Appointify is aimed at solving the problem of booking marketplaces. Traditional booking systems are way to straight forward and only cater to the needs of 1 or few individuals. The Appointify provides a scalable solution for a booking marketplace. This is built on oneApp PWA technology so the entire platform is also available as an App without any need of investing further.

While the implementation for appointments has been done many times, by many plugins. None of the existing plugins cater to a Booking Directory. A directory implementation is vastly different from any standard Booking plugin. While all current booking plugins will ask you to select a Date or a Personal first, a booking directory assumes the user is not aware of both. This gave rise to the idea of creating a Calendar First Booking system.

Example : You have to book an appointment for a doctor and you are available on weekends at 4-5 p.m and are not sure of which doctor to book. You want to learn from reviews posted by other users and if the doctor is not available tomorrow, maybe you want to book on a weekend !

If you see in above, the user is only sure about the time, not a date or the doctor. This part of Booking discovery is so far not covered by plugins.

How it evolved.

Appointify was first introduced in WordPress as WPLMS Appointments which was then re-released after 2 years as Vibe Appointments which is the the project Appointify. We were only able to perfect it after getting innumerable feedbacks and checking out so many existing solutions from our users on how bookings should work.

After around 3 years of research and development and 5 complete re-writes, Appointify was born.

We believe we have now been able to present our plugin in its best form to you. Hope you get the best out of it !

Ripul Kumar, [ Founder,VibeThemes.]