February 2023

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Take booking experience to next level with WhatsApp

Communication is the most import part of any booking process. You book a Tutor or a Doctor or any service provider and if you do not get communication, you feel something is "Off". After all "Trust" is the most important factor in any booking. The trust factor should be the top priority of any booking platform.

Communication is crucial in bookings and appointments because it helps to ensure that both parties are on the same page and can avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. Effective communication can help to confirm the details of the booking or appointment, such as the time, date, and location, as well as any special requirements or requests. It can also help to address any concerns or questions that either party may have, which can help to improve the overall experience for everyone involved. Clear and timely communication can help to build trust and establish a positive relationship between the parties, which can be beneficial for future interactions.

However, when I talk about WhatsApp notifications, I mean notifications and not personal Chat or message communications between the booker and the provider. Although that would be great for the Booker, the Providers may not be too keen on providing their personal numbers via whatsapp for communication. Image a Doctor providing her personal whatsapp to her patients and it can easily turn out to be nightmare.

The solution we are discussing here is the platform sending out WhatsApp notifications for both students and instructors as a means of Communication without disclosing the numbers and maintaining confidentiality of the users.

Introducing Vibe WhatsApp

This is an addon where in you can configure your Appointify platform ( Tutorly, Gymly, Doctorly etc ). to send our notifications via WhatsApp without disclosing details. Yet maintaining the perfect communication channel between the booker and the provider.

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