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Setup an Online Bookings Marketplace


An all in one comprehensive solution for
Booking Communities.

Tutors . Doctors . Gyms . Saloons . Entrepreneurs

Get on with the
Social Booking Platform

An all in one tool for scheduling on-site or virtual appointments,
meetings & events, manage staff and services, accept payments, send reminders and pay commissions.


Live Tutoring marketplace. Allow students to book tutors at their local time. Tutors earn commission


Gym instructors market place. Allow members to book gym instructors at local time.


Doctors market place. Allow patients to book doctors at local time directly or via conference.

Easy 3 step process.


Create TimeSlots

Booking providers create slots in a calendar for various services they provide. Also set a price for bookings.


Search Instructors

Search instructors on your topic in your local timezone based on instructor availability.


Book Slots.

Select the user, select the slot and book the Instructor in your local currency. Instructor collects commissions.

Credible Social Booking

Create meaningful booking directories of users built on social platform. Gain user’s trust with social bookings.

  •  Transparent Booking Reviews System
  •  Instructor & Student Profiles with custom fields & filters
  •  Integrated Messaging, Live chat & WhatsApp notifications
  •  Dashboards & Reports
  •  Friends & groups

Not just a simple booking form with an Email trigger.

No-Code Apps

Our revolutionary platform allows you to create mobile / tablet/ desktop apps for both Appointment providers and Bookers.

  • Mobile App is absolutely FREE 
  • Feature rich, No-code Apps even you can create 
  • Publish on iOS , Android & Windows 
  • Apps for Mobiles / Tablets/ Desktops 
  • App for both providers & bookers 

Built on PWA to App. Web & Apps are blazing fast.

Calendar First Approach

Our revolutionary calendar first approach to bookings allows your users to maintain a calendar in their local timezones.

  •  Availability in your local timezone
  •  Directory searches based on Availability
  •  Combine Slots into groups / Classes
  •  Multiple Seats & Recurring bookings
  •  Integrated Zoom Conferencing & Map based search

Everything happens in a calendar. GCal sync.

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