Revolutionary Features Included

What differentiates Appointify from the rest of the Solutions on Internet.

Calendar first approach

Calendar sits at the heart of Appointify Scheduler. The calendar adapts to viewers timezone and language.

All in One Directory

With a strong focus on user time, the directory is specially designed for a Calendar first approach, with no specific search order

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One App Framework

With Appointify you get Mobile, Desktop, Tablet apps without any additional development costs for all platforms iOS, Android & Windows.

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Comes with inbuilt services module. Your providers can enroll in different services and allow users to book them.

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Integrated WooCommerce

You can sell your bookings via WooCommerce which is integrated with over 500 payment gateways.

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Ratings & Reviews

Enable users to review the booking which add-up to cumulative review for the service and the provider.

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Integarted Conference

Conferences are integrated with Bookings. You can automatically create a Zoom, BBB, Jitsi meeting with the bookings

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Bulk bookings

Allow users to bulk book slots and instructors provide a schedule on the bulk booking.

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Handle user's rescheduling requests easily with our inbuilt re-scheduling system Users are automatically notified.

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Inbuilt Reminders

Booking reminders are inbuilt in the module for both provider and booker and are sent before the event.

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Activity tracking

Every activity is tracked from bookings to meetings which makes managing ad-hoc requests / complaints easier.

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Inbuilt Reports

Generate reports from activity on various parameters. Consistent across App & web users.

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