5 Ways Tutorly Helps You To Get Connected Virtually With Learners

Do you want to shift your normal eLearning to innovative?

Staying connected with the learners is the problem for many trainers and educators.

Tutorly is an innovative life shifter of eLearning professionals that solves problems in new and interesting ways.

In this article, we will discuss how Tutorly helps you to get connected with the learners.

Tutorly is a WordPress Marketplace Theme for Tutors. It is specifically designed as a complete Booking platform for starting your own eLearning business. The theme uses the right blend of meeting scheduling tools to solve all sorts of challenges using ideas we’ve never seen before. Here are some of the ways Tutorly helps you to stay social and connected with the learners.

5 Ways Tutorly Helps You To Get Connected

Show Your Availability To Connect 

Many educators and trainers occasionally run into issues. Sometimes your schedule shows you’re unavailable at a certain date and/or time when you’re actually free. However, you can almost always fix it yourself from the booking calendar. Dynamic calendar showing various slots of Instructors. Automatically adapts to the current time zone of the learners. Supports service filters and display of slots based on week, or day. Use high-visibility spaces to share your scheduling link to attract high-interested learners.

Remote Learning For Collaboration

Why should learners access your training only in the classroom? Remote learning is a way to keep delivering your training to the learners and keep them motivated for learning. Many educators and trainers are using Tutorly to schedule their remote training classes while crossing the boundary limits. Everyone can sign up for their own time slot and there was an automatic buffer before the next sign-up time.

Virtual Classroom And Appointments

One challenge that many educators and teachers were facing was to connect with the learners from home when the whole world was affected by COVID-19. Tutorly offers unlimited access to stay connected with learners through scheduling meetings and appointments on video conferencing. With these combined tools, educators are working to set up virtual classrooms for 1:1 lessons.

Host Webinar To Stay Connected

The eLearning sector is getting challenged in a new way with the adaptation of new technologies. Adaptation of technologies and  scheduling regular check-ins with learners encourage activity and recreation. Educators, teachers, and trainers are using Tutorly to schedule live webinars where students can join training courses virtually and collaborate with other learners. They can also receive one-on-one training.

Social Networking Keeps You Connected

Built on a Social network. Tutorly has some amazing features like Internal messaging and notification system. All popular social logins are supported including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and more without any external plugin required. You can easily make Friends, Groups, Followers, Member directories, and allow activity tracking of the learners.


Staying connected with the learners is the goal to be a successful online educator. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool for scheduling eLearning or online training on-site or virtual appointments, meetings & events, manage staff and services, accept payments, send reminders and pay commissions then Tutorly is full stop for you.

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