Vibe WhatsApp

Vibe WhatsApp

Feb 14,23

Send notifications via WhatsApp to your Appointees and Bookers.

Vibe Affiliatewp integration with affiliate wp. AffiliateWP is the most powerful and popular affiliate system for WordPress. Run a fullRead more

Vibe Linkedin Login is a very interesting plugin. It creates an integration between WordPRess & Linkedin Login. Currently it supportsRead more

Earnings and Commissions module. 1. Set Commissions2. Transfer Payouts3. Dashboard Widgets4. Commissions & payouts Module

Vibe Drive

Dec 25,22

Drive module for Appointify. This is like your own Google drive or Dropbox module. It allows your users to shareRead more

Phone authentications system. Only allow authenticated users in your site via Phone based Authentication system. Use phone authentication for SignupsRead more

The Vibe Appointments Addon. If you are using any of the Appointify Themes . This comes packed in with theRead more